Friday, April 23, 2010


A couple months ago Substream Music Press asked me to photograph my friends in Of Mice & Men for Issue 19. So I drove to Sacramento (6 hours North), photographed the band for the cover as well as the show they were playing. They had Jerry (pictured above) touring with them because their front man was having health issues. By the end of the night they'd decided to have Jerry replace Austin, which I found out at their CD release three night later. So I went to Austin, Texas for SxSW and to reshoot the cover you see here with Jerry. It finally hit shelves today, and it's my first cover. I'm pretty pumped. Below is the original I photographed in Sacramento.


MarieYC said...

Congrats Megan, thats way cool!

merissalambert said...

Wow! That's awesome Megan! Cheers!

Cam said...

:) good band too