Monday, March 30, 2009

Some new images

Amanda brought it to my attention that I haven't posted any of my own work on this blog in a while. So here we go. These are some negatives I just had processed last week from a series I'm calling Surveys, inspired by Mark Klett's Phoenix Transect project.


Bek said...

I really love your third image, Camden. The moody sky and muted colors work well together, as does the subtle irony of not only a paved path telling us exactly where we are supposed to walk, but also a sign suggesting what we should be walking there with.

Bayard said...

The last image speaks to the new "eco-urbanism" that is growing across the country. The second image is the most interesting for me, though.

AMANDA GUY said...

I like where the fence leads your eye in the 2nd image and I love the first image with the Dog walking sign. Good compositions and point of view. I'm glad you posted :)