Thursday, March 12, 2009

Color Project

Here are some more images from my 360 project. Any input from you guys would be helpful thanks.


MarieYC said...

Haha oh kelly dear your font makes no sense :)
Lovin' the orange and blue and the cement squares with the purple peekin out, Keep playing with it and I think it'll all come together. Are you planning on Full Bleeds??

BrittanyNelson said...

I do not like the 3rd image because of the angled perspective. I prefer the lines in your image parallel.

Bayard said...

The last two images are very similar in style. I'm more drawn to the last image than the yellow image. Maybe a little too empty?

I agree with Brittany that the 3rd image doesn't fit because it's shot at angle, not straight on like the others.

The first image is good if you have other images with geometric patterns.

Kelly, when I look at the full view of the images, I can't see them without scrolling. Resizing to 1200 pixels wide for horizontal images and 800 pixels high for vertical images should work.