Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Portraiture Project

These are all digital images I made to see how I want to use these spaces. I have made a couple 4x5 exposures but I am still working with the people in the spaces. The top image will include two other women, the principal and the clerk, but they have been gone for a while. This is the window visitors are welcomed at, so I liked the framing. The next two are photographs of the kitchen manager and will include her assistant, but she happened to be out also. The last photograph is my 6th-8th grade photography class. I would like critique on everything, especially how I am using these spaces since there will be more people involved in the final image. Thank you.

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Megan Dunbar said...

I like the sense of symmetry in all of them, so maybe you could play more with that. So I wouldn't use the third image because the food bar gets cut off and breaks up the symmetry But having more symmetry in these spaces may give off a sterile, institutional feel, which might not be what your looking for.

I know these are just work images, but did you notice the floor on either side of the girl at her hips. It looks like she is see through. Also I like the tension that the other kids are creating with their arms in their lockers not letting you see what they are doing.

Neat idea. Good luck.