Sunday, March 6, 2011


sorry for taking over the blog guys (and i am especially sorry for messing up the format on the successive posts) but i was extremely excited to share what i have been working on. For most my trip i boycotted photography cause i was burnt out after senior and just felt like experiencing life instead of capturing it. On top of that maybe a week and a half into my thailand trip both my flash and my fixed 50mm lens kicked the bucket. photo equipment does like harsh humid environments with a lot of sand and no proper storage or cleaning methods. for future reference if you are going to a harsh climate put a perforated film cannister full of rice in your camera case in order to absorb the moisture. when i reached cambodia i was inspired to pursue 3 different photo series (2 of which are posted below) and miraculously my fixed 50mm started to work again kinda ( the focus was still 6 inches or so off) just for that week and a half, then it broke completely....lucky me. nevertheless, i accomplished the following works while i was over there and i would love your feedback. I definitely miss you guys and i thought about you all a lot on the trip. can't wait to see more of all of your work this semester. take care.


troche said...

Beautiful portraits Jace. What equipment were you using for them? Sorry to hear about the equipment failure, that always sucks. Sounds like you have been quite inspired.

John Schlepp said...

I'm not gonna read all that. Instead I am just going to assume all your equipment worked exceptionally well, some would say flawlessly, and that your time over there was about as fun as pulling teeth.
I like your pictures

Bayard said...

Jace, do you use Flickr?

If you need to post a large amount of images, you can create a "set" on Flickr and then make a slideshow to post on blogger with this tool:

Parker Hilton said...

so stoked on the images. Its interesting to see the variety of your work over such a short span of time. The child beggar series is particularly strong to me and I think Tin type seems pretty spot on for the prison images. Glad to hear your back safe man.