Sunday, March 6, 2011


Indominable is a rephotography project that i decided to do while visiting the Tuol Sleng S-21 prison in cambodia where detainees were held for months while tortured before their ultimate departure to the killing fields where they were slaughtered. there was still blood on the floors in many of the rooms and the conditions were unbearable. for those of you who are unaware of the genocide in cambodia, after the american occupation of cambodia during the vietnam war ended a group of cambodian nationals led by Polpot entered the capital and took control. Polpot then began to round up people that he felt were against his regime. suspects quickly turned to innocents and within a 4 year period his regime murdered 2 million cambodians. several images of the killing fields are in the random images in the following post below. There is a statue there made up on 8,000 skulls. every rainy season more skeletons are uprooted along with clothing and various other personal items. the image of the small cloth is actually a childs dress still partly buried next to the tree that her head was bashed off of. It was one of the most emotional experiences i have ever undergone in my life. The mugshots were taken by prison guards upon their arrival at the prison. The pictures need some cleaning up. there was a very reflective piece of glass in front of them. I have 75 different images in all Indominable will more than likely be printed in Tintype or maybe some type of guerilla multimedia liquid emulsion campaign in urban areas. what's your input.

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Brian H said...

eery. it reminds me of an old lecture we had on photo-philosophy, about how by taking a photo of a person or event you are making it history and in a sense killing it/them.