Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two and a half messages from Checkout!

First message from checkout:  with the impending graduation of a crew made (mostly) of seniors, photo checkout needs student workers for the next academic year!  Interested?  Either click here for the information & application PDF, or visit photo checkout to pick up a printed copy.  Applications received by the end of this week (Friday, May 8th, 5 pm) will be given preference.  

Second message from checkout:  You know those mostly empty showcases in the upstairs hallway of the VCB building, by the instructor offices?  I'm looking to fill those with your work!  I know finals season is a busy time, but I've extended the deadline, so if you have some work you'd like to display, either click here for the information PDF, or visit photo checkout to pick up a printed copy.  

The half message from checkout is that I received an order from Freestyle, and I now have quite a few empty boxes available for people to take home and adopt.  Are you moving soon?  Do you need cardboard to get ready for an ambitious Halloween project?  Perhaps you have a litter of kittens that need a nice towel-lined place to sleep.  Come take a box!  You can have a bunch of styrofoam packing peanuts too, but those are optional, and not recommended for kitten use.  


Jace said...

hey charlie, i am interested in exhibiting my work. when is the deadline...and is there an application

Kelly said...

I was wondering also about the exhibition deadline.