Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Blink 182 madness

I had to cut short my vacation by four days to get back to LA for this. Now look, I'm awkwardly memorialized in the background on MTV News. Mark asked me to document Blink's first night back playing together. They played a secret show that only a handful of people knew about. It was all insanely surreal and you can see some of the photos HERE on his blog.


Scott D. said...

Nice Work i love the shot of you in the background in the end of the movie.... i bet the private show was sick and a lot of fun.

Bayard said...

Nice. Saw you at about 50 seconds and about 1:08.

How did you get the jobs with Blink 182?

Tyler McManus said...

you look amazing

Megan E Thompson said...

Ha Thanks Ty. I'm pretty sure Speidy were intimidated by how awesome I looked.
Bayard, I assisted on a shoot for Alternative Press where my friend was photographing Mark. I had to do some Robert Smith like makeup on Mark, and I poked him in the eye with eyeliner. The next day he was following me on Twitter, then suggested we do a shoot together. I photographed him a few weeks ago, and he invited me to the Blink show. A couple hours before the show he called asking if I'd be interested in doing behind the scenes stuff. It was pretty awesome :)

zallen said...

Haha it looks like you had a perma-smile going on. thats awesome megan!