Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pro Photo Organizations/Memberships

I am thinking about joining a professional photo organization since we can get a pretty major discount as a student. However, it seems that there are so many pro photo organizations out there to choose from. Are any of you a member of any specific group (ASMP, PPA, etc.)? What are the benefits of your membership? It seems that many organizations have a lot of information on their websites that you can get without being a member. Thanks!

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Kelly Gorham said...

ASMP is geared towards commercial, editorial and fine art photographers who publish regularly. Now is the time to join as a student when the dues are cheaper. You can gradually upgrade membership levels this way. There's a ton of info on the website for free.

APA is almost exclusively advertising photographers.

PPA is portrait and wedding photographers.

NPPA is for journalism students and working photojournalists.

I personally think a photography student would benefit the most from ASMP or NPPA. Editorial Photographers has a lot of good info on their website too.