Thursday, October 16, 2008

Food Bank Volunteer

This is Dan, a volunteer at the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. He originally started volunteering there to fulfill community service requirements for a DUI. He fulfilled those requirements within a month, and that was over a year ago. He says he continues to volunteer because he likes helping others. He also feels like he been given an undeserved second chance to live a productive life and as a result, he wants to show his gratitude by giving back to others. I was very happy to give him these photographs so he can share them with his children who don't live with him. Which image do you think is the most successful as an environmental portrait?


megan dunbar said...

well, i think you can rule out the top one. i can't decide which of the other two i like best. dan looks kind of pale in the bottom one, but i don't know how i feel about the angle of the middle one. but that's just my initial feelings. this is a really cool project. are you giving copies to all of your subjects?

Leslie said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I'm giving them all for now, then prints later. I'm finding that the organizations I've contacted so far are really excited to help out. I also offer to take other photos for them if they want something other than portraits (for website updates, etc).

Bayard said...

I would choose the third (bottom) image over the others. The simplicity works for me. I like the experimentation with angles, but it feels kind of strained for the top two.