Monday, December 5, 2011

Flash is dead, btw...

Flash is dead 1

Thought that in case you haven't come across this yet it would be good to know. Adobe conceded to Apple's philosophy regarding HTML5 and using open web standards in the mobile age and have announced the end of flash for mobile devices, which may eventually lead to the end of flash for desktop development as well, or a possible hybrid of some sorts. Either way, flash will not be a game changer in the web development world anymore.

This doesn't mean your website is obsolete, but next time you decide to redo your website, or get a new one, try and find one that uses javascript (frameworks like jquery or mootools). Javascript and HTML5 can do everything flash can and more, so realize your not missing out on anything either. Not to mention the fact that javascript works on every browser for everyone by default.

In case you're curious to know if a website, product, or service is flash, just right click while viewing.

For those who use slideshowpro, you are ok. They already output a JS/HTML5 counterpart of your website (if you purchased it - consider getting newest version of slideshowpro director as well as slideshowpro for flash) for apple mobile devices, however their desktop version is still flash. Now that flash is going to become less popular over the coming years, Slideshowpro may reevaluate their product, so I think either way they will make sure their customers are taken care of.

About Flash and Apple - Written by Steve Jobs, but almost everything in there are just the facts. Not too much bias.

Bottom line, HTML5 CSS(3) and Javascript will reign. Get a website (website template) or portfolio website service that utilizes those open source standards.

I am working on a portfolio service at present with another web developer (won't be done for a while) but when it is I will let you folks know. MSU discount!!!


Collin Avery said...

My alien bee still works just fine

Tyler Miller said...

lol good one

John Schlepp said...

ya, my vivitar still blasts people. . .