Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stuff left in the finishing room

Hey all. There is a lot of stuff left in the finishing room, the alt labs and computer labs after the semester - matboard, paper, books, prints in the drying racks, chemicals etc. If you want to keep any of this stuff you need come by and put it in your locker, or take it home, before closing on Friday.

The labs will be thoroughly cleaned over the break to get them ready for next semester and any stuff left outside lockers will have to be discarded. The only exceptions are the rolls of paper in the demo lab, and large sheets of foamcore that are too big for the lockers - But make sure your name is on them. Also, if you leave a big mess for us to clean up over the break, then you might start next semester with a fine on your account. So come clean up your stuff!

Checkout is open until 4pm today and until 1pm on Friday the 16th.

Have a great break! Checkout

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