Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Why People Hate Art"

A couple of art school graduates give a talk on contemporary art and education.


Jeremy said...
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John Schlepp said...

I'm not sure why I came into this video not liking these guys, (it might have something to do with Jeremy's comment above, and wondering if I was lumped in with his "fellow students") but I came out really enjoying the talk. It is a talk on if your work is conceptually based, you need to produce a body of work that is as strong as your idea.
I agree with what they were saying about the examples like the red balloon and the guy who did nothing to an extent. I think they are offended by them simply because it was done in a school environment. They were comparing how hard they worked to how hard they thought the other person worked in a set amount of time. If they weren't comparing themselves to their peers, they would most likely enjoy the work more.
I did enjoy the part where they talk about how artworks are produced to propel ideas, and how he has a problem with that. Though i strongly disagree with his thought that art can't be the ideas behind a piece, it is important to produce work that is up to par and can express that idea clearly. I think that's what he might be hinting at when he talks about Shea Hembrey's 100 artists, but i'm not entirely sure. I hope he is remarking on how amazing the idea behind hembrey's work is and on how high the quality of work he produced was, rather than just the images themselves.

Anonymous said...

I definitely recommend checking out the TEDtalk by Shea Hembrey.


Although I have found that arguing about what makes art good or bad is frustratingly subjective and ultimately pointless, these videos helped me evaluate my own work, at least. I think once I'm out of school, and am not pressured to complete an entire project in a semester, I can have the time to spend on each individual image so that they each may express unique ideas within the same concept. At least for me, I find myself being more concerned about fulfilling the "quota" of images than I am creating GREAT standalone works.

I also enjoyed their segment on the student who had a Master's degree in studio practices. I feel I can relate because after nearly 4 full years of schooling I still have no idea how I'm going to use photography once I'm out of school (even after taking the single business course in the department, pro practices).

Justin Stewart said...

Yeah this was a great video.

I also thought the part about the Master's in Studio practices part interesting as I feel the same way. It is interesting to me also, as I had once looked at going to the Art Institute of Colorado (alas, it was too expensive). Students I spoke to there talked about their first year being very business orientated. It's unfortunate our program doesn't lend more to that side of being an artist.