Saturday, December 10, 2011

Experimental Photography Workbook, Merry Christmas!

These students (and seven visiting dignitaries!) have images in The Experimental Photography Workbook, 2012. Congratulations! 200+ pages of 10.5pt type experimental bliss. The book went to press as of yesterday. It will be ready in January sometime, right on schedule. Numbers below reference pages, but one page may have more than one image. I think you will be pleased to see yourself in print. Each student with an image in the book will receive a copy. Those of you on campus, come see me mid January to pick it up. Those who are graduated, you’ll have to email me your snail mail address. Unfortunately, I no longer have correct email addresses for a few of the students in the book who gave me permission to use their images in past years. This is why I am posting this list in hopes that somehow they will hear about this and contact me with their snail mail. It is really important to keep in touch with current email once you move on from MSU; I had to remove images from many students whom I could not locate to ask permission. 

 Next in the pipeline, Alternative Processes Condensed. I will be revising all next year with a deadline of December, adding a new chapter with further research at George Eastman House funded by a recent grant received for summer study. I hope you will be willing to donate images to the new revision if alt was your class of choice. Merry Christmas everyone!

Allen, Nubia Garcia 156

Allen, Zak 96,119,187

Allsop, Pennie 7,45

Anderson, Lauren 208

Anderson, Libbie 115

Apa, Jeremy 13,65,199

Avery, Collin 17,142

Avila, Angela Pierson 156

Bean, Alan 127,142,145

Becker, Britni 153

Becker, Jace ix,77,95,112,240,241

Bell, Briana 161

Bischoff, Halli 16,79,130,195

Blaney, Brett 25,33

Boland, Clare 44,84,151

Boland, Genna 146

Bredberg, Blaine 13

Breitbach, Amanda 22,70,101

Brien, Whitney 163

Busby, Tyler 197

Caillier, Adam 15

Cary, Augie 40,60

Cavanaugh, Ian 43

Collins, Douglas 129

Cordier, Pierre 129–136,137

Courtney, Gwen 93

Cowart, Kaitlin 11

Crispell, Alicia 9,120,173

Cudmore, Rachel 77

Davidson, Scott 151

Dodge, Gwen xiii,71,195

Donnelly, Claire 31,92

Druse, Amy 74,103,107

Dudley, Kurt 75,85

Dunbar, Megan 55,89,122

Foster, Cam 65,213

Frankman, Patrick 53,119

Gorsuch, Paul 1,93

Ham, Courtney 59

Hansen, Aly 176

Hattersley, Brian viii,96

Hennen, Meghan 119

Herem, Bek 38

Higgins, Matthew 131

Hilton, Parker 215,219

Hofferber, Cale 98,193

Holcomb, Grayce 55,113,203

Jennings, Ryan 21

Jensen, Kyle 23

Jewett, Lauren 162,203

Juarez, Kim 107,118

Kelley, Brandon 130,155,235

Kennelly, Sean 64,109,111

Kirschhoffer, B. J. 37,45

Lee, Mark A. 18,151,157

LeMay, Jessi 27

Lynn-Klimenko, Aidan 40,57,78

MacDonald, Dan 159,188

Mateskon, Maggie 117

Mather, Greg 39

Mauch, Calin 150

McEwen, Ian 63,104

McGaw, Mary Katherine 4

McKenney, Heather 61,202

Miller, Matt 82

Nelson, Brittany 185

Nubson, Colter 144,179

O’Neal, Meghan 203,242

Ortiz, Jeannie 56

Patch, Nicole 163

Perrins, Madison 162,221

Peterson, Simon 243

Piskin, Jason 40,149,200

Rand, Ken 3,20,54,123

Rehbein, Bethany Lindeman 172

Reinsel, Sam 194,198

Risvold, Adam 81

Roberts, Kate Vanderlans 29,240

Romero, Nicole 167,168,169

Roth, Dawn 157

Runolfsson, David 101,181,201

Sarachek, Norman 134

Schlepp, John 216

Schultz, Jakob 12

Scott, Ellen 145,148

Shupe, Kate 6,69,125

Skogg, Erika 72,92

Smith, Michelle 79,237

Spray, Terri 64

Stebbins, Andrew 239,240

Stipp, Jim 87,158,161,203

Sumiura, Akitaka 121,160

Taylor, Warren 116

Thompson, Megan 5,22

Trebella, Amy 9

Truckner, Amy 93

Underwood, David 146

Wang, Sam 35

Webb, Donna vii,10,124,207

Wells-Osborne, Cecilia 7,13

Wilbanks, Johanna Huyser 100

Wing, Bobbi 174

Wohler, Jordyn 73,151,203

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