Monday, November 14, 2011

Meeting for SPE

Hi folks, if you're planning on going to the SPE conference in March 2012, why not look for funding to help get you there? This Thursday November 17, at 5pm in the VCB, there will be a meeting to discuss SPE plans, look for funding, and get a general head count of how many people will be attending the conference. If you can't find us, ask Photo Checkout.


Heather McKenney said...

Megan I would love to be included in this group of people but I won't be able to meet at this time. Would you be willing to meet with me after to fill me in on the plan? thank you!

John Schlepp said...

I am in, though i work during this meeting time. Count me in the list that is going

Megan Dunbar said...

Heather, i can't meet after the meeting on thurs, but how about after your individual critique with Jacinda on fri?

John, your head has been counted.