Sunday, November 27, 2011

Im MOOOOOOving on.

I am leaving Bozeman within a month, and I need a kind and fair human being to fill my room. 365 for rent and bit more for utilities. I LOVE THE KITCHEN. Amazing roommates, and a refreshing jaunt to campus. libbieandersonathotmaildotcom
I came to you good folks first because a photog would be kindly accepted into this home.
mkay. . .


Sean Foulkes said...

Is the cow included in the $365 or is it extra?

Libbie Dawn Anderson said...

included, with of course a nominal boarding fee. non- negotiable, within landlord agreement. . . . you understand.

John Schlepp said...

This makes me sad Ms. Dawn. I think the only thing to say to this is . . . . . schmoo