Thursday, November 3, 2011

Senior Poster

Alright Seniors, for those of you not hooked to FB (congrats Dan, I admire you). We've come up with a plan to work in multiple images into the Poster/Postcard. (I realize it sounds weird if you have not seen what I'm talking about, but it'll work well). I want to give everyone a chance to be in on this, (although you certainly do not have to submit if you don't want to)- if you would like 1 image to be included please e-mail it to me (high-res) @ by 10pm tonite. If I receive it by tomorrow morning I may still be able to work it in, but it's not guaranteed. I should have a mock-up available to view Monday or Tuesday. I'll keep ya posted. Thanx!


Anonymous said...

Much appreciated!

Halli B said...

thank you so much ashley for spear heading this! It is such a huge help!!