Saturday, November 5, 2011

Medium Format Camera For Sale

I'm selling some of my gear which doesn't get used nearly enough.

I'll be listing this camera on ebay in a week or two but I thought I'd let you guys have a chance in case anybody is interested.

It is a beautiful camera with a really sharp lens in excellent condition. They are somewhat hard to come by.

Fuji 6x9 Rangefinder: GSW690III
Film Size 120 or 220
Lens Fujinon SW f/5.6 65mm

The counter on the bottom says 173 (x10) frames. That means it has only had approx. 200 rolls of film shot through it.

It is a great landscape (backpacking) camera with it's wide angle lens and compact format.

Anyone contemplating buying it, I'd be happy to let you try shooting a roll of film.

Drop by my office during office hours or catch me in the lab whenever to look at the camera.

Attached is a photo of a similar camera and an approximate size comparison to 4x5.

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