Saturday, October 22, 2011

still truckin'

haven't posted in awhile, this is an image from this summer. I am still working on my japanese american internment camp project aka, senior thesis from last fall. This is Casey Kunimura, he lives in Ogden Utah, and is one of the individuals whose portrait didn't turn out the first time around. Went back to see him this last June and finally got around to scanning the film. This image is straight from the scanner, portra 400, natural light, rz 67.
Hope everyone's fall is treating them well. Also, going to use this as a plug, and update, if anyone knows anyone who was incarcerated, I am searching for grant funding, and planning on pursuing this project for some time to come.


Halli said...

if you are ever in the sun valley, idaho area let me know my grandfather was in a Japanese camp in indonesia.

John Schlepp said...

Diggin' this.