Monday, October 3, 2011

An image from my senior

I'm working with the idea of memory and perception, and how memory is an abstracted idea in a state of flux rather than a concrete recollection of past experiences (for a brief and confusing paraphrase of the artist statement I haven't written yet). Inkjet on Canson Etching Rag, and gouache.


Collin Avery said...

Are these 2 separate prints in a vertical diptych or are they supposed to be combined as one?

I think you are approaching it well, (considering you have had lots of problems with paper and whatnot) The biggest issue I am having with it, is that it seems too forced. I am intrigued by your statement because it is so loose and open to interpretation. It would be interesting to see you push it in a more ambiguous manner which I have seen you do before. Give the viewer less information than you think they need.

Anonymous said...

It's two separate prints (well, one is hand-painted). You can see a pretty noticeable difference between the inkjet and the gouache too, which I love!

I'll have more rolling out over the next few days now that I have given up on trying to coat paper in favor of actually working, and ambiguity will definitely be a noticeable theme throughout the series. I'm definitely going to emphasize the hand-crafted aspect of the work, I don't think I'll digitally combine any images.