Thursday, October 6, 2011

From My Summer USP Project

Here are a few images from the project I worked on for the USP grant over the summer, for which I photographed 19 small towns (under 1000 population each) across southern Montana. You can see more at my site here


Collin Avery said...

Good job on the project Dan. I just think you need to edit out a lot more images (on your site) because it seems too redundant as it stands now.

nash addicks said...

Yeah I'd agree with Collin. You definitely have some really strong images and some that just don't do much for me. If you could narrow it down to thirty images or so it would be a lot more successful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I think if you see the book, the amount of images won't seem as daunting to look at compared to online. My site also has some photographs that I cut from the book.

Also, I think if I were to cut down to 30 images the project would be very different, and the amount of towns covered would be pretty small. Maybe if this were just an art project and not a documentary-focused art project then I would agree there might be too many (it's hard to critique too many images!) but if I want to represent each place well I wouldn't use just one or two images from each town.