Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Serious Attempt at Climbing Photography

Here are a couple of images i took in Tennessee of 2 of my climbing partners sending their first 5.13 trad climb. The route has 2 bolts but can go without. To those non-climbers out there, the climb is pretty dang hard, so quite the accomplishment. The first image is of me hanging from a rope below the massive roof these guys are climbing. The rest are the resulting images. Sad I am still shooting without my favorite lens fixed 50mm f1.4) canon is warranty"ing" it. What do you guys think?


Heather McKenney said...

Your 2nd image and last image are gorgeous. I love the lighting in the second and the last reminds me of something I would see in a climbing magazine.

Justin L. Stewart said...

Ya. Second one is the winner for me. The rest I just don't find as interesting. Just so, so. But the second-silohette one is nice.