Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 dudes having a good time

"Two Chefs. 2011"
Portland, OR.


Cam said...

me gusta

Aidan Lynn-Klimenko said...

i like your pictures. what camera do you use, is it somewhat portable, and what type of film do you use?

John Schlepp said...

Why thanks Aidan. I shoot a Pentax 67, a hand held medium format SLR. I carry it with me every day, but it is a beast of a camera to say the least. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a 6x7 camera.


Here is a link to KEH, they have a lot of them and for a good price.

This image is taken with the 105 f2.4 with fuji 400H, but I usually use kodak 160nc.

Sorry to hear about your gear. But I do have to say that selling my digital camera was one of my better moves as a photographer.

Best of luck!!