Saturday, September 11, 2010


Im going to photograph on Monday for my Senior- I ordered film about a week ago, but it isn't going to be here, and F-11 doesn't have the type of film- I am hoping that someone out there  in Bozeman does!!!!
Fuji 120mm 160c 
I would really appreciate it, and of course replace the film when mine comes in!
Thanks a bunch!


jackson said...

I have two rolls from my stash. Ill be home most of the day tomorrow, give me a call.

Leslie McDaniel said...

I have some if Jackson's two rolls aren't enough.

hunter said...

hey this is off topic but you'll probably be interested in this if you havnt seen it already:

John Schlepp said...

I have some if jackson's and leslie's don't make a big enough film pile for you.