Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liquid Nitrogen

This is what liquid nitrogen can do to your negatives. i had a lot of problems getting results but with a little mixture with other chemicals, timing and scanning while wet this is the result. Instantly aged. These are just some old negatives i used to test with but i like the results.


Jace said...

by the way, i was thinking of sending the one with Colin in it to New Balance as an Advertisement

hunter said...

i would buy those rights. These are very good jace. incredible portraits. tell me more on what youre doing as a concept because i must know whats with the juxtaposition of the obviously studio photograph and the obviously domestic photograph? and is the idea of "Liguid Nitrogen" just for novel purposes or does it have a place in your conceptual design?

Jace said...

i am testing processes for my current senior hunter. the actual imagery has nothing to do with my senior, they are just old negs from last year.