Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just some Lumen prints I did over this last weekend, about a 3 hour exposure for each. Pretty happy with the first one, what do you all think?


Bek said...

Actually my favorite is the middle one. It looks like the objects are floating in water, just beneath the surface.


Anonymous said...

The middle one works better for me too, I like the range of colors and how the darker ones lay above the more vibrant ones.

Also, make sure your prints are flat when you scan, you have light edges on these.

Anonymous said...

I just photographed them with my digital, since I didn't think the scanners on campus would fit 11x14.

What would be a good way to photograph them? I just had them laying on some mat board and had the camera above and slightly angled.

Anonymous said...

There's a setup for photographing prints in the projection room that has worked pretty well for me, you just have to make sure the prints are totally flat.