Friday, September 10, 2010


Does anyone know why sometimes it take so long to download images? I'm working for a photographer and I am trying to download like 42 images, they are large files, to a portable drive and it says it's going to take 3 hours??? I figured 20 minutes at the most but not 3 hours, and then when I try to download just 5 images to their ftp site it says 13 hours! What can I do to fix this problem?
The images are 2000ppi and like 2.5 x 3 or something like that. 120 Negatives basically.


Cam said...

thats a network issue. could be a cap on your transfer rate "and or" just a bad connection. if your having problems with transferring from a CF card also then the usb bus could be dead or the harddrive is about to fail and isn't writing at its normal speed.

Ian van Coller said...

Is the card still in the camera when downloading? That will be very slow if it is. I use a Firewire 800 Card reader. It will download a 4GB card in about 5 minutes or less.

AMANDA GUY said...

It's most def a network issue. I'm scanning in negatives from an imicon scanner. When we were finally able to transfer the images on the newer G5 it worked a lot faster. It should have only taken 15 min to transfer, not 5 hours so their going to see wha they can do about getting some stuff cleaned up on that old mac.

Thanks you guys :) Miss you