Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Street Vendors

Here is a quick unedited scan of a portrait I made about a week ago in Union Square. It is for my street vendor series, in which the USP grant is supporting. This guy was ridiculous. He was rehearsing to me a very fictional and confusing story about "Sausage Head" (the book he is holding). He was very anxious to leave and I literally set up the tripod, leveled the camera, focused, put the film in and pulled the darkslide in under 2 minutes flat. Everyone moves so fast in the city, I still do not know where 95 percent are going. I am also pretty sure cab drivers are like hermit crabs, once one car dies they crawl into the next and drive away.


Aly said...

i really like this portrait!!!!

Ian van Coller said...

Love this!!!