Sunday, June 27, 2010

Better Scanning Trays

After reading about Jackson's success last year with the "Better Scanning" trays, I had to give it a shot. I just completed a whole bunch of tests and this is what I have gathered. The top image is a 100 percent crop @ 2400 DPI with the standard Epson 4x5 plastic trays that come with the V-750. The bottom is also a 100 percent crop @2400 DPI with the Better Scanning 4x5 tray. The difference in quality can easily be seen. The Better Scanning 4x5 tray is a little different than their medium and smaller format trays, in that you can either wet or dry mount the sheet to the glass. I opted for the anti-newton ring glass so I could dry mount (faster and easier) or have the option of wet mounting. What really made the difference was a matter of .2mm.

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Ian Cavanaugh said...

nice work now make the school buy them