Sunday, July 26, 2009

Which external hard drive to buy?

Hi everyone! I just filled my Lacie external hard drive- that took a few years! Anyone have any suggestions about the best on the market right now? Hope you all are having a good summer!


Bayard said...


External drives are cheap enough now that you'll probably want to go for a 500GB or 1TB drive.

I would stick with either Lacie or Western Digital. Having a firewire drive can be worth paying a little more. When making backups and copying tons of data, I've seen firewire complete the transfers in half the time it takes with USB 2.0

For portability (and firewire)
Lacie 500GB Rugged external, $144

For the best capacity and bang for your buck.
Lacie 1TB external, $155

To avoid getting a shady deal, best to stick with Amazon or Newegg. (Amazon's return policy is a little better.)

Cam said...

go to costco ang get the 1.5 terra seagate drive for $100 its great.. get a few of them

merissalambert said...

Thanks guys! I knew you would be in the know!