Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Assistant needed!

Hey guys! I'm coming back to Montana for a bit before going back out on Warped Tour and I have a few shoots lined up in Helena and Missoula. If anyone is interested and can help out it would be very much appreciated! Also if any of you know of anyone in Helena or Missoula with light stands I could borrow for a few hours, I'd love you forever. Those are the only things I haven't figured out how to pack.
Here's the details...

Tuesday July 28th in Helena: Portrait shoot

August 3rd in Helena: Portrait shoot

August 11th (tentatively) in Missoula: Warped Tour off day shoot with a bands on the tour.

The Missoula shoot should be a lot of fun! Also if any of you have been considering working with bands, it would be a good chance to see how a shoot is handled with bigger musicians. Email me if interested... megan@meganthompsonphotography.com

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