Monday, August 4, 2008

Quick poll

I've started working on...something. I'm not prepared to talk about it in any detail, as I'm still very early in the planning stages.

Anyway, as a part of this little project, I'm compiling a list of dumb things that we all do while we're creating our photographic work that we later end up regretting (forgetting to close the lens before removing the dark slide on a large format camera, for example).

I've come up with a small list, but I'd like to hear from you all about mistakes you've made or stories you've heard from other photographers.

Feel free to either post a comment here or email me directly: camden[at]camdenhardy[dot]com. All contributions to this list will be credited.

I'll provide more information about what I'm doing as it becomes available. I promise.


M. Thompson said...

Shooting in JPEG instead of Raw. I shoot live in JPEG and promos in Raw and I can't tell you how many times I've effed that up when switching between. I also have a knack for losing my hot shoe adapter.

megan dunbar said...

I keep deleting photos off my camera before checking that they are for sure on my computer. Major heartbreak.

Kelly Gorham said...

-shooting 200 frames for a magazine assignment before realizing there was never any film in the camera.

-not writing an assignment in my calender and forgetting to go.

-forgetting to calculate bellows factor.

-leaving the bellows meter in the scene and including it in the photo.

-forgetting to bring spare batteries and/or flash cards to assignments.

-leaving sensitivity set to 800 or more then wondering why the shutter speeds are so fast outdoors on a sunny day.

BrittanyNelson said...

My feet have ended up in a lot of shots using a fisheye...