Thursday, August 7, 2008

Class questions

Hey everyone. I am trying to figure out my junior schedule for the fall and I wanted to ask for advice from those of you who have already taken your juniors. Right now I am scheduled for Experimental, Advanced Lighting/Studio, and Professional Practices this fall, but I may need to make some changes due to other conflicts and an overloaded schedule. I was curious if any of you chose to take Experimental along with your first senior (instead of during your junior year). I wondered if this might be an option for me next year (during senior). If it is, I think I would also plan to take Alt Processes during the spring of my senior year. Is this possible...and is it difficult to get registered for those classes as seniors? I understand that both experimental and alt processes are very time consuming, so I wondered how that would work with senior projects. Everyone may have a different opinion, but I just wanted to see what others thought. Thanks in advance for your help and/or suggestions!

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M. Thompson said...

I only did senior both semesters, and it kicked my butt. I also know you need to have all but one of your required studios before starting senior. So you could take Exp in the fall, but you wouldn't be allowed to be in Senior until the spring credit wise.
Hope that helps good luck!