Friday, August 8, 2008

It only looks like it's not 105 degrees

Hey all, I'm almost done with my whirlwind week. Saturday I flew down to St Louis on no sleep to photograph a band called King Thief and a clothing line called The Curtain Factory. The shoot was on Monday and it was 105 degrees not including the heat index. So for 8 hours I thought I was going to die. We drove past a bank at about 8pm during the King Thief shoot and it was still 100. Not fun. But amazingly enough the models and band didn't look like they were sweating. I flew back to Bozeman on Tuesday, packed, and drove to Billings Wednesday to put my stuff in a storage cube. Then I photographed the guitarist of my friends band who I have to photoshop into promos I did 2 weeks ago. Now I'm in Missoula to re-shoot Thrill Kiss Kill because they added a second drummer. Yeah, two drummers. I really wish I could say I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, but it's in a storage pod in Billings MT. Here's some unedited stuff from St Louis. This was my "assistant" Lauren. We were running the strobe off of a battery and couldn't drain it with modeling lamps, but it was so dark my camera wouldn't auto focus. So to solve the problem Lauren spot lit them with the LED lights on her pink tazer. Eat that MacGuiver!

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