Monday, September 12, 2011

First round of senior stuff

New Senior in the works.  I like the project as is but I feel that straight gelatin silver is selling it short.  I'm experimenting with the images a bit just to see what works.  For now here are some rough scans of the negatives. More scans/developments to come, swing on over to the leaky boat to check it out.


Kelly Gorham said...

Parker, I think straight prints are the way to go here. Let the content come through. Don't worry about 'dressing' the photos with a process or manipulation. Raw black and white. That's the ticket. Just my two bits worth.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kelly, there's enough content in these images (or the ones that you have shown) that adding anything else would be a bit much.

If you do choose to do something different, I'd like to see an integration of process and concept. Process for process's sake is a thinly veiled way of keeping interest that most of us will see through. It worked great with your alt project, but I would need to hear more for it to work for this one.