Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Project

Hey everyone. I started a new project last week that is not really defined yet but I'm looking for cool/interesting/unique people in Bozeman doing cool stuff...stuff that makes a difference. The purpose is to spotlight people and/or organizations that may not be well known. Do you have any suggestions for people to photograph?

My first portrait and write-up is on my blog.

Andrew Babcock - ROC Wheels


John Schlepp said...

The lighting on this image bugs me. I wish his whole body was lit, as well as the thing he made.

Cam said...

on your blog your second image of him is much better not sure what you were going for with this one. i would add much more light at least to the chair.

Leslie McDaniel said...

Thanks for the comments and Cam, thanks for looking at the blog for the 2nd image. I agree I should have tried lighting the wheelchair in this one. When I was playing around with the grid, he looked down at the wheelchair for a moment, then looked right back at me. I asked him to look back down and made a couple like that with the grid because I liked the strong dramatic feel I thought it gave the image with him looking down and just his face illuminated. I felt it made the viewer focus totally on his face, and then slowly move to check out what he was looking at. If the wheelchair had been lit, it might have competed for the initial glance. I don't know. Guess it didn't work and I knew I didn't like any of the others with that lighting but I thought this one was ok - still deciding really.

Aly said...

I think the dramatic thing could have still worked with a little bit more light on his wheel chair. it wouldn't have to be fully lit, but more than it is. Also, the light from the window I find super distracting and the thing to the right of his head that is picking up your flash is distracting to me too. I agree with Cam, liked your other image better.