Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camera --> Computer communication problems?

I was supposed to document some forest service weed spraying the other day with before and after photographs. I took 8 before pictures and they all turned out except for these two. I do not know what is wrong but they look fine when I preview them on my camera, but they transfer to my computer and look like this. I was wondering if anyone knows what is going on.


Tyler Busby said...

I have had the same situation viewing them in adobe bridge they go crazy and I end up loosing the image, I think it is the cf card may be time to replace it with a newer one. I have an old scan disk i have been using for about four years. This is the point the film guy chimes in :]. Hope you didn't loose a winner.

Cam said...

is it just me or does that right image look awesome. its a real juxtaposition of technology and nature definitely a keeper

John Schlepp said...

It's like a rainbow. the only thing better would be a double rainbow.

Sean Foulkes said...

When a camera records a RAW file, it embeds a Jpeg preview (usually full size) in the RAW, so when you preview on the LCD you can see what you took, as your camera can't actually display it's own RAW file, it would take too long to preview (notice how long it takes for LR or PS to import/display a raw -- and your camera's processor isn't anywhere near as fast as your computer)

So if your jpeg previews are looking fine, it's probably not your CF card, as those would be corrupt also, or at least some of them. Updated your firmware recently? Been in extreme temp changes, humidity, or anything that could mess up communication with the sensor>processor>CF card?

Those might be some places to start. Also, no guarantee that anything but a Canon/Nikon sofware will accurately read their RAW files. Their raw files are proprietary. That's why it takes Adobe a few weeks to come out with RAW support for new cameras.

Brian H said...

yeah it got rained on when i left my windows down, i wonder if there is any way i can extract just that jpeg preview, thats all i really need