Sunday, August 15, 2010

Internment Camp

HI ALL!!!!!!!
Hope everyone had an amazing summer. As school is nearing I am thinking about my Senior Thesis project. My hope is to photograph individuals who were in internment camps. Mainly would like to to focus on civilians that were interned because of their nationality. If anyone has any contacts, or knows of any individuals who would be helpful to talk to I would really appreciate any help.


Ian Cavanaugh said...

would this include those held during WW2 here in the states. there were many of those in Idaho for the Japanese. This would be an interesting twist on the standard look at those imprisoned.

Libbie Dawn Anderson said...

I would like to focus on those held in the states. hopefully focusing on the Fort Missoula, Heart Mountain....etc. etc. but i would be willing to go anywhere i have a contact.

hunter said...

interviews perhaps??

Libbie Dawn Anderson said...

most certainly

Alexis Pike said...

You should take a look at the one outside of Eden Idaho, called the Minidoka Internment Camp. They have a reunion there every summer and there is quite a bit of info on it online. The government is in the process of restoration/preservation of the site. You can also look at historical images of many camps at the Library of Congress for your research. Just put in the state of Montana within the search parameters to narrow it down.