Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PDNedu wants to know

I was recently contacted by a reporter at PDNedu asking about our department's blog. I thought that I should share it on the blog and open it up for comments. Here are some of the questions that she asked:
  • 1. Describe your experience with the MSU photo blog. How and when were you introduced to it? How have you used it?
  • 2. What do you like about the blog? How have you benefited from it? Do you see any disadvantages to blogging?
  • 3. What do you think are the benefits of blogging in general? Outside the context of the university (i.e., in your career), can a blog have any relevance?
  • 4. Anything else to add?
  • 5. Finally, what year are you in at MSU?


zallen said...

This was my response. Let me know if I need to make any corrections

"The blog was started by Ian van Coller as part of the curriculum for the his Advanced Digital class. It was a way for students to post work and receive feedback throughout the semester as they worked toward their final book projects. This grew into the current department blog, open to all students enrolled in the Photography department.

This is when I became involved in the blog. Since then the blog has been a great success. It has allowed students to post images they are working on to people outside their class who normally might not see it. Posting images to the blog is a great way to receive feedback/critique, as well as advice on editing down images in a body of work, and resolving technical and aesthetic issues. The blog has also served as a way to post articles of interest from the web, introduce new photographers, announce upcoming shows and events, and keep in touch with other students, professors, and alumni. Our blog has helped solve numerous problems in the lab and other issues that students encounter during the semester and its especially helpful in getting feedback on work before assignments are due.

Following blogs outside of the University like Alec Soth’s blog, Joerg Colberg’s Conscientious, Brian Ulrich’s Not If But When, and Laurel Ptak’s I Heart Photograph have been a major influence to my work and my education, as I discovered hundreds of other blogs that deal with photography through them. Especially living in Montana, blogs are a way to see the newest shows and books, find out about upcoming competitions, and see what’s happening in galleries around the world.

I am currently an intern in the Art Association of Jackson Hole. I recently graduated from Montana State University in spring 09’. But I continually follow blogs to keep up date on a variety of things."

pmcmanus said...

That sounds good Mr. Allen. I'm sure you could probably talk forever about the importance of blogs and how they have influenced our work, so this shortened version sounds pretty good. One correction is just maybe keep updated rather than keep up date at the end. Also maybe for alumni keeping in touch from afar and students needing services such as group film processing, help with lighting, or any other issue. The importance of the blog is for more than just looking at images, but communication among peers and other artists.

zallen said...

Thanks Ty. Your right blogs primary role in the university should be communication between peers, artists, faculty, and friends.

Ian van Coller said...

Great Zak. Let us know if it is going to get published.