Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hello everyone. I know many of you already have your own website but for those of you who do not I want to make you aware of a program called livebooks|edu through Livebooks inc. Livebooks is a company that provides websites for photographers. Basically, the program gives college students and educators the chance to have a livebooks site at a much lower cost. ($99/year) Livebooks sites are clean and professional looking while the software that you will use to create and edit your website is super easy to use. I have added a few links to photographers who have livebooks sites as well as the link to the program website and my personal site so you can get a general idea of what yours would look like. If anyone wants more info on this you can send me an email ( or talk to me at school, I am the student ambassador for MSU. You can also use my promotional code (11478) to try it out for a month and then cancel if you decide it isn't what you want. Or even if you're just curious. They also encourage others such as art students, etc. (anyone with an image based website) to take advantage of this so let people know if you think they could benefit. LiveBooks|Edu John Hyde Kene Sperry - Bozeman Ethan Russell Ryan Krueger

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