Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Updated Website

My website has been updated. Check it out. www.ianvancoller.com


adam c said...

I really love your portrait of 'Rejoice.' It gave me a very different feeling than the others. After returning to it I realized it's the only portrait where the subject isn't looking at the camera. It really makes a big difference for me.

zallen said...

I agree with Adam it gives off a different feeling than the other ones, I find myself liking that one the best. I can't wait to I see the C-prints

Chris E. said...

I am drawn to your portrait of mary more than any others. I find the composition to be beautifully dynamic- with strong diagonals broken up by stairs. I also like the portrait of chazile, the composition and lighting engage her with the edge which creates a tension that pulls me into the photograph.