Monday, October 15, 2012

Mitchell Feinberg’s 8×10 Digital Capture Back

"The development and production of two backs (I wanted to have a spare) was equal to the cost of a good size house – before the housing crash. I know it sounds insane, but the financials on it are not so bad: I used to shoot on average 7.5 Polaroids per photo, and I shoot between 400 to 500 images a year. That’s at least 3000 Polaroids. At 15 bucks a pop. Or about 50K per year, minimum.

"We never set a unit price, but it would be in the low six figures.

"The device creates images a bit over 10MP; when cropped to correspond to 8×10 the final image size is 3285 x 2611.

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Sean Foulkes said...

I need one of those for my 16x20