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2013 16x16x16

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16 by 16 by 16,  2013
A traveling portfolio exhibition created and curated by photography students

In an effort to get photography students to look at and evaluate the work of their peers from around the country, The Metro Photo Club has started a traveling exhibition series titled 16 by 16 by 16. The hope of these exhibitions is that they will include work made and chosen by students from schools around the country and they will travel to and be displayed at each of the schools throughout the school year.
This was a huge success this spring. Let’s do it again.
How it all works:
All photographs (vertical, horizontal, square) will be matted to 16 X 16 inches
The same color/type of mat board must be used for each print in the portfolio
Sixteen students will be represented from each school
Each student in the department may submit two photographs for consideration but only one photograph will ultimately be exhibited
Students may be from all class levels
The final sixteen prints representing your school must be chosen by students currently enrolled in the photography program (how you do this is up to you…panel, voting, etc)
The 16 matted photographs must be packed in a reusable container for transport to the other schools.
Each school will host “an exhibition” of the work of students from the other schools, ending with an exhibition of your initial submission (need not be formal)
Work will be mailed to each of the schools in a “round robin” fashion with each school paying the shipping fees associated with shipment. (FedEx Ground should be able to do this for under $15 each time)
Exhibitions will run for one week starting in the Spring 2013 semester/quarter with one week between for packing/shipping/installing
The final exhibition of a school's photographs will be at that school near the end of the spring semester.

Deadline for Submission Monday December 3rd in the Photo Studio

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