Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gum from found slides

A little update from Maine, I have been spending the last two weeks in the "dim" lab with Brenton Hamilton learning Kallitype, Ziatype& Inkodye along with working more on Gum and Cyanotypes. this is a new project I am starting (a lot like Schlepps alt final but these negatives/ slides are all found at yard sales and antique stores) 

Technical note : this was only 3 layers blue yellow then red. This was printed on unsized fabriano artistico and on the wrong side! so imagine how little staining there will be when I print it on the right side! also this print was made in the period of 3 hours! Speed gumming has become my new thing.

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jackson said...

Speed gumming huh? Is that what all the young kids are doing these days?