Friday, February 3, 2012

What is your website/feature/ability wishlist?

Hi folks, I have finally been able to get the ball rolling on a hosted service that will provide photographers and other creative professionals such as designers and videographers an easy way to maintain their own website. In a nutshell its a comprehensive content management system which already has a sizable list of features, but I thought I would ask you guys if there has been, or is anything that you wish you could do that you cant seem to be able to do with your current website or your current provider (if you use livebooks or some other service). One of the cool parts about the service im collaborating on will be the ability to toggle featuers on and off, because I know people will only want certain features, and not have to deal with or even look at admin pages for features they will never use - but it will be there for if and when you do want it. So, you can scale your web presence as your business or career grows. So...what is your wishlist for a website? I am just seeing if there is anything I missed - and what you guys want as photographers. Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility is a given, as well as some of the big ones such as ecommerce, blog/photoblog, client proofing, etc...) Otherwise, what kind of feature list would you like to see???


Leslie McDaniel said...

I would love the ability to easily integrate video as well as still photographs.

Tyler Miller said...

yea that will definitely be in there.

Sean Foulkes said...

My website has a shopping cart + paypal connectivity but it would be awesome to somehow have it integrated with a printing service (mpix, blurb, etc) that removes your requirement to take your paypal orders and actually go to the print website and order the size of print ordered or book yourself. Then your website can legitimately make money on it's own if you have prints available for sale.

Most of us would only sell a handful a year from people that stumble to your site (that's the way it is for me anyway), so its a pain to take time out of your day and be the middle man for your website and your print service. I'm not sure how that could be integrated, or if there are any specific companies with good print quality that are easy to set up that way.