Friday, February 10, 2012

Heads Up, 2 Photo Deals!

My Pikensaver Tip of the Day:

Calumet just sent out an email this morning with a coupon to take $10 off any order of $20 or more. Yeah, you have to pay for shipping, so you really only get $5 off when buying some film... but it's $5 off and they have film in stock that B/H doesn't. Use the code "tenoff" at checkout.

Epson is running what seems to be an annual yearly event... buy three get one free on their signature papers. It's a rebate, so you have to pay for all three up front, but if you don't procrastinate and get that rebate in, you'll get some cash back. Right now at B/H pricing on Epson Exhibition Fiber is less than the fiber papers from other manufacturers and shipping is free. This deal ends 2/29. It's a great chance to buy those big sheets and avoid messing with a roll. (Bonus, you have a nice big box to put your prints in after you've used up the paper.)

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