Monday, June 13, 2011

Untitled, 2011


Justin Stewart said...

In critique of this picture:

I feel like the lines of the veil are too hard. It makes the face stand out too much. I also feel as if I've seen this type of image too much so it inherits a type of corniness just because of that.

It looks like a nice picture of water and a nice portrait but combined, I do not appreciate it. It feels contrived.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Justin. The window frame, or whatever it is, really stands out by not blending with the water.

Bayard said...

I agree the lines are too harsh, I'll be blending those in.

A face in water (especially a woman's) could be cliched. The feeling and meaning each viewer draws from the image is going to be different depending on what films/photographs/books the person has been experienced in their life.