Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo of the Day

I found this a pretty amazing story, thought I would share for inspiration.


Justin Stewart said...

He was one Dutch angling son of a gun

John Schlepp said...

Wonder if he would be famous if he didn't die.

Tyler Busby said...

I don't know if it is about being famous.

John Schlepp said...

The project might not have been intended by Jamie Livingston to make himself famous. But the work has become famous.

Here is a link to a flickr group for people who take a photo a day, many of which have done it for multiple years. At over 2,600 members strong, it is easy to see it is a popular project to do. Similar to the photo a day is the youtube hit movie "Noah takes a photo of himself everyday for 6 years," found here.

At 19 million views, it is easy to see how popular and widespread the idea is becoming. A fact that can easily be seen by the number of spin off videos.

For the most part, people's "365" projects don't garner much attention because the concept is too weak for most contemporary art circles, and the series as a whole too weak for fine art circles. The only way these projects are successful is if they go on for an extended period of time (18 years is a long time) or if the person is someone you know, or would like to get to know.

I think this body of work is interesting simply because it has an end. Knowing this guy is dead makes me want to know what this man was like when he was alive. The problem with "a photo a day" projects is that there is no end unless the photographer gives up, or in Jamie Livingston's case, dies.

I was simply wondering if his body of work would have become famous if he wouldn't have died giving people a reason to want to get to know him. Or if he would have just been one of the 2,600 people in a flickr group.