Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mystic Lake Recon Mission

Mark Lee and I took a hike towards Mystic Lake for a reconnaissance mission for my summer grant. Armed with 2 Holgas, some trail mix, and 2 pairs of Chacos, we set out on a rainy Saturday. To see more images (and to find out if we survived) check out my blog, Circles of Confusion.


Collin Avery said...

Before I even made it through the first image, I knew Mark was involved. That my friends is talent.

But I do like that second image a lot (even though it was made with a camera I despise). You should use b/w too, I'd be interested to see that.

gillm said...

im in love with that first image.

Sean Foulkes said...

The first, definitely. I like it a lot.