Monday, November 15, 2010

I need Models for very Cool Photo Project

Dear Photo Students,
I'm a graduate student in the Science and Natural History Filmmaking program. To augment a paper I'm writing for MTA 504 (Film and Doc Theory), I will be holding a multispectral photo shoot on Tuesday, November 16th from 3-6PM in VCB Room 150. I will be photographing people in visible light, near infrared (>720nm), and reflected ultraviolet >My goal with multispectral portraiture is to explore physical and mental subjectivity. The shoot is totally free, and I will provide attendees with full-resolution digital copies of their portraits once I've finished processing them (which may take a few weeks). I'd also be more than happy to discuss the technical aspects of UV and IR photography. IR photography is fairly common, but reflected UV photography is very exotic outside the domains of science, medicine, and forensics.
For the tech-interested:
I shoot UV and IR photos with a modified Nikon D200 (I'd use something newer, but older CCD sensors tend to have better UV and IR pickup than newer CMOS sensors). I replaced my camera's UV/IR-blocking hot mirror with UV/IR-transmitting clear glass, allowing the CCD to receive UV and IR radiation. For light filtration, I use a Baader U-Filter for reflected UV and a Hoya R72 filter for near-IR . For illumination, I use three Vivitar 285HVs with drilled out fresnel lenses (fresnel lenses block UV radiation). Safe UV photography requires closed eyes and/or protective eyewear. I'm able to get in-camera false colors due to UV and IR's differential penetration of the red, green, and blue filters of the CCD's Bayer array.
Feel free to email me with any questions, or to schedule an alternate shoot if you're interested but can't make it on Tuesday.


hunter said...

this is way cool. what is your aesthetic/academic objective with this work? what sort of augmentation does it represent, and why specifically these types of photography? if you don't mind me asking...

Ian van Coller said...

Kevin is not an author on our blog so has no way to comment back Hunter.

hunter said...

thanks ian. i guess ill email him then.